FiltraFlo® by DANTECH

Advanced Oxidation and Flotation System

How It Works:

When water enters the FiltraFlo® system, oxidation begins through the creation of millions of microbubbles by finely tuned diffusers. These microbubbles, combined with a slow centrifugal force, help separate solids and fats from the water and lift them to the top, while a clean water column forms in the center.


– End-of-Pipe Wastewater Treatment: Efficiently treats wastewater at the final stage before discharge.

– Product Recovery: Ideal for recovering products within the main processing areas, enhancing resource efficiency.


– Efficient Oxidation: Precise microbubble creation ensures perfect balance between surface area and gentle transport of the attached particles – effective oxidation and separation.

– Versatile Applications: Suitable for both end-of-pipe treatment and in-process product recovery.

– Clean Water Output: Produces a clean water column, improving overall water quality in your processes.