DANTECH Sidestream Solutions 

In today’s food processing, the efficient utilization of raw materials and the minimization of waste are paramount

Dantech Locates where in the plant the raw materials are lost, before designing and implementing new ways of recovering them and using them – achieving both economic and environmental sustainability.

DANTECH’s Sidestream Solutions are build with leading specialist partners and vendors.

We deliver the full turn key solution for our customers specific desired sidestream products -the solutions and systems are build fully in our factory, pretested and run for easy and fast installation – our modular systems are delivered “plug and play”.

DANTECH have scalable compact modular solutions for some of the newest sidestream products in foods, nutriceuticals, and pharma. The customers rawmaterial enters in one end of the system, and comes out as finished product.

DANTECH always aim to design the systems and solutions with lowest possible water and energy consumption.

By leveraging technologies and processes, DANTECH’s Sidestream Solutions not only enhance resource efficiency but also create new revenue streams, thus transforming previous lost raw materials into profitable products.

DANTECH is committed to driving processing innovation, while promoting circular economy principles,and reducing the environmental footprint of food processing operations.