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Pollution must be treated where it originates!

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    Surimi processing solutions
    Chemical Free

    Wastewater treatment, waste water treatment, FiltraFlo, FiltraCon, FiltraBelt, FiltraMemb, Surimi, Dantech, Danish technology center, filtration, Filtrasep, filtrasep, filtracon, filtraflo, vacsep, filtrabelt

    About US

    Innovation Processing Engineering Technology

    Danish Technology Center ApS has delivered innovative technology and solutions to the food processing industry since 1983. The solutions have been varied, and covered everything from designing and building entire factories to constructing processing on-board fishing trawlers. In 1996 Dantech added Clean Technology and Wastewater Treatement Systems to our solutions, to meet the growing global demand for environmental responsibility within the industrial sector. With key aims of cutting customer costs on effluent surcharges dramatically with a clear focus on "Greener Solutions" and at the same time ensuring no by-products are wasted during the production. Dantech - Danish Technology Center designs and manufactures fully customised solutions according to each customers unique demand and specifications. Dantech also contributes with input and ideas, built on more than 30 years of solid experience within the food processing industry on a global scale.

    • Export
    • Food Industry
    • Customized solutions
    • project ROI under 1 year
    Protein Recovery


    Modular Systems & Solutions


    Direct Filtration, Multi Filtration
    • Filtration Systems built in, under, over or as stand alone units


    • Complete ultrafiltration modul stand alone or combined


    Vacuum Filtration Solution
    • Gentle and sanitary separation of fragile by-products


    Unique Filtration Medias
    • Dantechs own developed filtration medias


    Separation, By-products
    • Multiple uses ie for separation of by-products


    Vacuum solutions
    • New Vacuum separation technology


    Centrifugation, Flotation
    • System for water treatment or by-product development


    New usage of G force for By-Products
    • Extremely gentle system for recovering By-products


    By-Product technology
    • Innovative systems and solutions for by-product valueadding


    • Complete system for Loose roe to caviar


    Biological Treatment
    • Compact mini biological treatment solution

    Green Cruiser®

    Marine Wastewater treatment
    • Seastrong wastewater treatment systems



    New Innovations

    Our Core Team

    Jógvan Joensen
    President, Dir. Eng.
    Jógvan Joensen is entrepreneur, serial inventor and innovator. For more than 50 years he has worked in diverse areas like brain research, automatization, medical development, digitalization, acoustics, transport, geom, food. In 2014 alone he has taken out 8 global patents. He founded Dantech In 1983, and now have primary focus on developing groundbreaking green solutions to the food industry. Contact Email: jj@d-tech.dk
    Kristina Joensen
    Vice President
    Kristina Joensen ran her own succesful company before joining Dantech. She has a solid technical background from the IT/Telecom industry and business optimization skills from senior management positions in IBM and Dell. She brings more than 25 years experience in startups, business development, inventions, and innovation to the team. Contact email: kj@d-tech.dk
    Lotte Buus
    Finance Manager
    Email: lb@d-tech.dk
    Andrew Todd
    Senior Product Engineer
    Andrew Todd joined Dantech in 2014. With a background in product development and technical design from the UK he is now responsible for bringing all new ideas into production. Contact Email: at@d-tech.dk
    Susanne Kiær
    Executive Secretary
    Susanne Kiær has been with Dantech from the start in 1983. She has more than 30 years knowhow and experience with our products, procedures, and customers. She is responsible for keeping everyone and everything organized. Contact Email: sk@d-tech.dk
    Marianne Offersen
    Executive Secretary
    Zaidon Al Emera
    Project Engineer
    Matias Lund
    Technical Engineer

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