Dantech Roesep® System

At Dantech, we understand the value hidden in every part of the fish, especially the delicate fish roe.

Loose fish roe is often discarded as waste while processing main products.

With the Dantech Roesep® System, this precious resource is meticulously recovered and transformed into luxury roe products, creating significant additional revenue for seafood processors.

How the Dantech Roesep® System Works

  • The Dantech Roesep® System efficiently collects loose fish roe from processing water, ensuring that no valuable roe is wasted.
  • The collected roe is gently transported to the next stage, preserving its quality and integrity.
  • The roe is separated from impurities and bacteria through cyclones, ensuring a clean and safe product.
  • The separated roe can be marinated, flavored, and colored to meet diverse market demands.
  • The roe is dried to the desired level of dryness, ready for canning or boxing.
  • The final product is perfectly packaged, ready to be used in sushi, caviar, salads, and gourmet dishes.

Why Choose Dantech Roesep® System?

Maximize Profit –

Leading global seafood processors using the Dantech Roesep® System are now generating the same revenue in just 2-3 weeks from loose roe as they do from an entire year of their mainline products.


Reduce waste and enhance the sustainability of your processing operations by utilizing every part of the fish.


Produce high-quality, luxury roe products that cater to the gourmet market, adding value to your product range

The premium roe products produced by the Dantech Roesep® System are ideal for:

Sushi- Caviar- Toppings- Gourmet.

From waste to Luxury product – discover new profit streams in the lucrative luxury roe market.

Contact us today to learn more about how our system can benefit your operations.