DANTECH FiltraCon® systems are compact modular filtration units diversified from any other filtration solutions on the market.

The functionalities, adaptabilities, and capabilities are endless.

Although this is standard units it is possible to customize them to exactly your products and your processing.

At present DANTECH has developed 15 standard systems, which fits in size and capacity directly into each step of your production.

  • FiltraCon® A1                         Parallel direct filtration, <20 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A2                         Compact small capacity filtration, <15 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A3                         Built on filtration system, <40 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A4                         Filtration with buffertank, <90 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A4B                       Filtration with direct output, <80 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A4S                       Built on filtration system, <80 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A5                         Filtration with buffertank, <120 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A5B                       Filtration with buffertank, <360 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A6                         Compact closed filtration, <160 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A6LF                      Aquaculture filtration (lice removal), <160 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A7                         Built for existing processing equipment, <15 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A8                         Built for existing processing equipment, <10 m3/hr
  • FiltraCon® A3A3B                  Double Filtration system
  • FiltraCon® A4A4B                  Double Filtration system
  • FiltraCon® A5A5B                  Double Filtration system

FiltraCon® A6

Datasheet for the FiltraCon® A6. For datasheets on any of our other systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.