FiltraSep® by DANTECH

Modular Separation and Recovery System

The FiltraSep® system is designed to ensure the recovery and usage of raw materials and sidestream products that would otherwise be lost in wastewater. It is also an effective solution for grading and separating raw materials.

Key Features:

– Efficient Recovery: The rotating separator effectively captures raw materials and sidestream products from wastewater.

– Versatile Grading: Ideal for grading and separating various raw materials.

– Built-In Control Unit: Easy installation and adjustment, ensuring precise placement in production, close to the pollution source.

– Enhanced Filtration: When placed on top of the FiltraCon® system, FiltraSep® significantly reduces solids, blood particles, and other elements like sugar and color that bind to solids.

FiltraSep® is available in three different models to suit various operational needs.

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