14. May 2015




The unique rotating separator ensures recovery and usage of raw materials and by-products otherwise lost in the waste water.

Apart from the possibility of additional revenue, the FiltraSep® prevents the waste water from being polluted unnecessarily by residues and waste from the production.

FiltraSep® is also an effective system for grading and separation of raw materials.

The built-in control unit makes it easy to install and adjust the FiltraSep® exactly right in the production – closest to where the pollution originates.

FiltraSep® is used as a single unit when the pollution is light, and in serial when there is more than one polluting point in the process.

If the FiltraSep® is placed on top of the FiltraCon® a significant reduction in solids, blood particles, and other elements binding to solids (ie sugar and colour) is achieved.

FiltraSep® is available in three different models.