DANTECH – Danish Technology Center has worked with water treatment solutions since the mid 1990s.

Our Philosophy is “Pollution most be treated where it originates!” and “Recover Raw Materials where they have value!

By working upstream proteins are recovered before they dissolve in the wastewater. By removing possible pollutants as early as possible in the processing areas the water leaving the production areas is cleaner.

Many times raw materials are tried recovered end of pipe. At this time a large part of the products have already dissolved into the wastewater, and therefore very difficult to recover. If the by-products and protein are caught right when they are cut off or separated from the main products, they are more intact and easy to get out.

To ensure proteins and by-products are recovered as far upstream as possible, DANTECH has developed a broad spectra of systems and solutions fititng each raw material, receiving area, and processing.

DANTECH systems are designed and built as compact modular complete systems that can be put together like building blocks.

The interconnections between systems are alse prefabricated. They are pre-built and pre-tested at our production before delivery to ensure “Plug and Play” – just connect water to spray, clamp on wastewater in and out, and power it up with one cable – only finetuning is necessary onsite.

All Dantech systems are designed and delivered in AISI 316 stainless steel for durability, and all qualities of materials on the systems are decided from customers specific application.

The systems cover the following technologies:

Microfiltration   –   Ultrafiltration  –  Nanofiltration

Separation  –  Aeration  –  Dissolved microbubbles

Flotation  –  Centrifugation –  Vacuum

Air Stripping –  Cyclones  –  G Force

Electrodes  –  Membranes

All without the use of chemicals and causing harm to the by-products